How to increase your sales figures and turnover on the Kaufland marketplaces in no time at all!

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Kaufland Global Marketplace supports sellers while selling on the Kaufland marketplaces and offers numerous optimisation and marketing options to specifically manage sales success. Sellers have an active influence on a variety of decisive factors.

You can thereby increase your sales and turnover through improved performance.

1. Informative and well-maintained product detail page


To increase your sales, we recommend that you check the quality of your offers’ product data. The product details page (PDP) is where customers usually spend the longest time and decide whether to make a purchase. You can get customers excited about your offer on the product details page and encourage them to make the purchase.

The following factors are crucial for creating successful product data:

  • clear and comprehensive information about the product
  • a descriptive title with a keyword-optimised description: describe the benefits, not the features
  • all important data can be read at a glance
  • high-quality product images
  • our service partner DoMyShoot makes it easy for sellers to create high-quality product photos. Find out more!
  • category-specific attributes
  • appropriate main and subcategory

Detailed product data offers customers a comprehensive buying experience and increases the repurchase rate.


Maintenance of mandatory and optional attributes

When creating product data, the mandatory attributes are a core specification and provide the customer with the most important information about the item. With the help of further optional information such as colour, length or width (depending on the product category), you can optimise your product presentation, make your offer more attractive and minimise the potential for complaints and returns.

Optional attributes are also crucial for correct variant creation and influence how easily your offers are found on the Kaufland marketplaces. This data is also indexed by external marketing channels such as Google Shopping, which we use for your marketplace offers. You can find further information on mandatory and optional attributes in our Product Data Guidelines.

2. Search result optimisation


Keywords in short descriptions

Product-relevant keywords in the short description and in the title are another crucial factor that can make your offers easier to find, for example, in the search function on our marketplaces. Good keywords are important for a top ranking, because they significantly increase the visibility of your offers, which can lead to more sales and increased turnover. Optimised keywords draw the customer’s attention to your offer and describe your product more precisely.

Pro tip: We recommend that you enter a maximum of ten keywords that describe the product to avoid keyword spam. The keywords in the short descriptions are not displayed to customers.

Examples of good and bad keywords:

good and bad keywords for Kaufland

3. Win the BuyBox and secure pole position for your offers


With the BuyBox, Kaufland Global Marketplace offers sellers the opportunity to display their offer in the most prominent position on a product page. As a general rule, the seller that claims this position attracts the customer and thus secures the sale. Placements in the BuyBox usually significantly increase sales and turnover.

BuyBox, Kaufland Global Marketplace offers

It is crucial to be listed in the BuyBox for externally placed advertisements in particular, such as via Google Shopping or Idealo, which are included for Kaufland Global Marketplace sellers. That’s because it’s only the “BuyBox winners” that are displayed on the external marketing channels. An algorithm dynamically calculates which offer for the product contributes to the greatest customer satisfaction.

Influential factors include:

  • the total price, consisting of the sales price plus delivery costs
  • the stated delivery time
  • the service performance

You therefore play a decisive role in whether your offer receives a placement in the BuyBox.

Our recommendation to you: Observe your competition to remain competitive and make your offers more attractive to the customer than those of your competitors. You can use the competitor comparison report to compare your current sales price with that of your competitors, so you can make adjustments if necessary.

Alternatively, you can use Kaufland Global Marketplace’s low-price automatic to optimise your item prices so that they are cheaper than those of your competitors, but never fall below your set price limits. Doing so increases your chance of a BuyBox placement.

Kaufland Global Marketplace’s low-price automatic

3. Make use of the numerous advertising opportunities of Kaufland Global Marketplace


We also offer you numerous advertising options to further highlight your offers on the Kaufland marketplaces, thereby generating more sales and increasing your turnover. Below, we have listed some effective measures to increase the visibility of your offers.

Sponsored Product Ads (SPA)

Sponsored Product Ads are a programme for paid product placements and one of the most requested performance tools for on-site promotion on our marketplace as well as in the Kaufland app (currently only possible for offers on These offer ads are displayed on a keyword basis through prominent placement on category, search result and product detail pages. You make your offers stand out from the competition so customers become aware of your offers more quickly during their search.

With SPA you reach exactly those customers who are searching for your products or products like yours.

Sponsored Product Ads

4. Grow customer groups with additional Kaufland marketplaces


Kaufland Global Marketplace enables online sellers to sell on three Kaufland marketplaces with just one registration. Grow with us! Expand your sales strategy and increase your reach and target groups.

You’ve already registered with at least one Kaufland marketplace – so why not start on some more? It’s really easy!

The multi-marketplace technology allows you to control your offers, orders and product data directly from the Seller Portal. All the product data and product images you’ve already created for an existing offer are automatically translated and transferred to all sales channels.

Special conditions from cooperating partners also mean that Kaufland sellers also gain access to external services, such as preparation of country-specific legal texts.

If you’re currently selling exclusively on or, we recommend that you expand your sales to Germany to ensure that you benefit from the strong purchasing power of German customers. 80 percent of German online shoppers prefer to shop on marketplace platforms they already know. Moreover, 32 million users visit every month.

So don’t miss this opportunity to generate additional sales and increased turnover – start selling on Kaufland Global Marketplace in Germany too!