Sponsored Brand Ads – New for manufacturers and brands

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Kaufland Global Marketplace has introduced a new onsite marketing feature, developed specifically for brands and brand owners – Sponsored Brand Ads (SBA). SBAs allow manufacturers and sellers to increase the visibility of their brands on the Kaufland marketplaces and thereby draw the customers’ attention to their brand in a targeted manner – until September even with special-offer discounts for all users. This doesn’t just affect brand awareness, but also influences sales figures and turnover.  

What are Sponsored Brand Ads?

Sponsored Brand Ads are paid product placements, similar to Sponsored Product Ads (SPA). With SBAs, sellers can book advertising space as part of their keyword-based targeting and increase the visibility of several of their brand’s offers within one campaign on the search result and category pages of the Kaufland marketplaces. Sponsored Brand Ads are displayed at the very top of the search results. Through this prominent placement, customers see these adverts before all the other sponsored and non-sponsored search results.

Sample view of an SBA campaign on the search results page:


A Sponsored Brand Ad includes a customised header, a clickable campaign image and the corresponding brand logo, also clickable. The links behind the image and the logo should lead to a specifically designated landing page. (You can find out more about the requirements for a landing page in the section “What do I need to consider when creating a Sponsored Brand Ads campaign?”) At least three offers must be advertised within an SBA campaign.

Nina Wulkow, Head of Retail Media at Kaufland e-commerce, recommends “[t]hat advertisers who want to use SBAs to promote their offers include at least five different offers from the same category in the campaign. This guarantees that enough products are available in case one of the selected offers cannot be displayed”.

The strategic placement of these adverts within an SBA campaign draws the attention of potential customers to the brand’s entire product range.

Who can advertise their offers with SBA on the Kaufland marketplaces?

Sponsored Brand Ads are designed specifically for brand owners, as well as for sellers who have obtained the rights from the owner to use or promote these brands. SBAs put the brands centre stage, helping them stand out from the competition.

To check the requirements for participation in Kaufland Global Marketplace’s Sponsored Brand Ads programme, please send an e-mail to the Kaufland Global Marketplace team with one of the following pieces of evidence:

  • Brand ownership:

Proof of registration of the trademark in a register kept by the patent or trademark office, which identifies the owner of the trademark

  • Authorisation from the brand owner:

Signed document (for example, as a scan) on the brand owner’s letterhead, including excerpt from the trademark register

Sample text:

We herewith confirm that [name of your company] is an authorised distributor of our brand [name of the relevant brand] and may place advertising for it, for example in the form of Sponsored Brand Ads, on the Kaufland marketplaces.

The Kaufland Global Marketplace team will check your details and contact you promptly.

How do Sponsored Brand Ads work?

Sponsored Brand Ads are a performance-based means of advertising and are based on a similar concept to Sponsored Product Ads. Both programmes use an auction system with keyword targeting that is based on a cost-per-click principle.

If a customer searches the marketplace using a specific keyword that is stored in the SBA campaign, the advert is displayed. As soon as the customer clicks on one of the promoted offers in the ad, they are taken to the corresponding product details page and can continue their customer journey. If the customer clicks on the brand logo or campaign image, they are taken to the saved landing page.

Advertisers set a maximum budget for their campaign. As soon as the budget is used up through customer clicks, the campaign pauses and no additional fees are incurred, so that the seller retains complete control of their costs. Displaying the ads is free of charge.

Sellers can use detailed reports and analyses to strategically optimise their campaigns at any time and increase the return on their advertising budget in a targeted manner.

What do I need to consider when creating a Sponsored Brand Ads campaign?

Before an SBA campaign can be set up, the Kaufland Global Marketplace advertising team recommends checking the following requirements:

  • Are the offers visible so the ads can be activated?
  • Is the offer in the BuyBox so that ads can be displayed?
  • Are the product data complete and up-to-date so the ads can perform well?
  • Do you have sufficient inventory to ensure continuous display of ads?
  • Have individual goals been defined that are to be achieved with the campaign?

When creating an SBA campaign, both the product details page and the landing page are relevant. The landing page should present relevant content for the advertised products and brands. It is not possible to use an external link or link to a single product page. Here are some example pages that are suitable as landing pages:

  • Seller shop with corresponding brand filter
  • Brand page with category filter
  • Brand shop (*available in the subscription package with linking)
  • Campaign landing page (*available in the subscription package with linking)
  • Relevant search result or category page

After you have created your Sponsored Brand Ads campaign, it is reviewed by the Advertising by Kaufland team. If all of the requirements are met, your campaign will be activated so that nothing stands in the way of a successful performance.

View of a landing page

Beispiel einer Landingpage für SBA

The Kaufland Global Marketplace team wishes you a successful start with Sponsored Brand Ads! Do you have any questions or need help? Our Sponsored Ads  support will be happy to assist you!